5 of the Most Popular Website Design Trends in 2020

The rise of web design has evolved from the simple yet functional basic designs to highly interactive and visually engaging animated websites. Every year brings new design trends to the table, allowing web developers to always look for the latest and most effective trends in presenting a business’s portfolio with an online audience.

Combining engaging technology and visual identity

The web design trends in 2020 are a reflection of the ever-evolving technology of UI techniques paired with the best aesthetics meant for both desktop and mobile layouts. In this article, we will showcase five web design trends and discuss what makes them attract an audience in 2020:

1. Bringing back retro

Similar to how fashion is following the practice of going back in time to established trends, retro web designs are also making a comeback. The 50s and 60s aesthetic is a recurring source of inspiration for many web designers who utilize noise, dust, and traditional black-and-white and sepia tone photos in curating a website’s layout. The nostalgia factor is a promising addition that’s inviting to both old and new generations.

2. Combining photography and digital illustrations

A popular trend on the rise is the combination of real-life photos paired with simple hand-drawn 2D illustrations. One common trick in infusing the two different types of mediums is replacing parts of the images to interact with the 2D elements. The blending of these two visual mediums creates a collage effect in allowing photographs to blend seamlessly with a website’s design without looking out of place with the site’s other elements, such as buttons and navigation tools.

3. Expanding different illustration styles

Many web developers have been working with visual artists in creating a unique presentation of website layouts. Besides the minimalist line art style, many developers are experimenting with different art styles, such as watercolor art and even odd-looking artist styles that feature disproportionate bodies and wacky color choices.

4. Standing out with black-and-white

Monochromatic black and white web designs have always been a trendy option. They usually remain as top contenders for each year’s design trends due to their minimalistic usage of limited color palettes. The limited color choices give more attention to the use of typography and line art elements to effectively highlight vital aspects of a web page.

5. Integrating 3D elements

With the development of more powerful mobile devices, many web developers have been tinkering about creating web design layouts that can run smoothly on smaller devices. However, the challenge now comes with finding the most diverse medium without having drawbacks on site loading performance. Know that 3D elements have become versatile components of web sites. This has allowed web developers to exercise their creativity in presenting data and content through animated transitions from motion effects to interactive interfaces.


A recurring trend with these stylistic choices is the integration of interactivity. Pairing these design options with various functions, such as chatbots and voice UI assistants, are making developers adapt their designs to more engaging layouts. Besides being visually impressive, the variability in accessing these sites, whether through touch screen input or potentially through Virtual Reality interfaces, creates an exciting challenge for the future of websites.

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