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5 Tips for Free Social Media Growth!

Whether you like it or not, Social Media plays a huge factor in the success of your business. It may be overwhelming, you may be on a budget, or maybe you just plain don't want to deal with it. Too bad, it's a must! Luckily, Phantom Eye is here to help you out! We've compiled 5 Free Social Media growth tips that are sure to help you grow your business's social media presence.

free social media growth tips
Stay connected and grow with your audience

1. Complete and Optimize Your Facebook Page

Great, you've created a Facebook page for your business. Be sure to complete your page! Take a look at this checklist, if you've completed everything on it, you should have a solid foundation:

  • Profile Photo - Use your logo

  • Cover Photo - Make sure it works for desktop and mobile, and isn't too busy

  • All information in the "About Me" section has been completed

  • Keyword optimize your “about,” “story,” “description,” etc. - Be sure to use keywords that relate to your business

  • Website linked - Your website needs to be linked. If you don't have one need one! See for help!

Not sure what size you should make your Profile and Cover Photos?

2. Stay Relevant

Give your audience a reason to want to view your page, interact with your post and ultimately help your page gain more visibility through social media algorithms. You should be posting a minimum of three times a week (we suggest more). This isn't difficult, you just need to create a plan and stick to it.

3. 40/40/20 Posting Strategy

Don't be annoying. No one wants to see you constantly trying to sell. You need to offer more substance than just trying to "get the sale." A 40/40/20 strategy is a great one to follow. It goes like this:

  • 40% Informative - Share knowledge about your expertise, show value

  • 40% Entertaining - Share industry related news, funny jokes, current events, etc. Try and pertain it to your company if possible

  • 20% Selling - Pushing a product or sale

4. The Power Of Sharing

Getting others to "share" your Facebook post is huge, and it's Free Social Media Marketing! The more your post is "shared," the more it's viewed by other people and their audience. Even better: the more your post is viewed, the more Facebook will read it as quality content and their algorithm will show it more.

  • Encourage your employees to share company posts

  • Encourage family and friends to share company posts

  • Give the public an incentive to share your posts

5. Facebook Groups

Join Facebook groups that pertain to your business and community. Don't be annoying and spam the group with constant ads for your company. Instead become involved, answer questions and connect. Naturally offer up your services or products when appropriate.


If you have an Instagram for your company (if you don't, go make one!) be sure to switch your profile to a business profile. With a business profile, you will be able to post to your Facebook page and business Instagram simultaneously. This saves you a bunch of time! You'll also be able to do paid Instagram advertising. Learn how to switch to an Instagram Business Account here: Switch To Instagram Business Account

Hope you found these free social media growth tips helpful! For more information or help growing and managing your social media presence, please Contact Us

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