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Digital Marketing 101: Why You Need Impactful Graphic Design

Communication isn’t just limited to text, especially with today’s digital age. The development of more powerful mobile devices means that businesses can use more complex formats of information besides marketing copies. Graphic design, for instance, has become an essential component in your ads that can make or break your marketing efforts.

“Why is graphic design important in digital marketing?”

One tactic that marketers use today to increase a business’s online presence is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It uses the optimization of content to direct search engine traffic to websites. Although it can bring online visitors to your site, it won’t precisely maintain their engagement and attention.

Visual design is an essential part of a company’s conversion rates. No matter how optimized or well-written your textual information is, you won’t be able to persuade your potential customers to subscribe to your brand if you can’t express these data visually.

In this article, we will share three compelling reasons that graphic design is an essential part of your marketing campaign.

1. Builds your brand identity

You can say a lot with just a few visual elements to represent your brand. Anything from your typeface selection to your color choices can reveal plenty about what your business is about. A monochromatic tone of your brand logo can express a sense of seriousness and formality. On the other hand, a playfully vibrant color palette can invite a casual yet inviting ambiance.

Customers and potential clients need to know what your business is about with just the limited information that they can receive. When you create digital marketing campaigns, you must use just the right amount of text and visual aid to convince your target audience to invest in your brand. Professional graphic designers can help you craft a brand’s visual identity that can convey your company’s message.

2. Boosts your sales and marketing efforts

Intelligently done graphic design can help your customers in their decision-making process. Like how TV and magazine ads utilize the principles of visual elements to attract customers, the same is also true with digital marketing campaigns.

Humans are visual consumers, which is why many digital marketing campaigns favor the use of compelling graphics and imagery over redundant marketing copies. You can get their attention by incorporating effective visual motifs to your ad banners, website layout, and even your company logo.

3. Improves your company credibility

Memory recall is an essential part of being a successful brand. Many of the longstanding companies of today are well-known for their logos alone. Having a well-made logo contributes to how well you curate your company’s branding. The better consumers can remember your brand, the more comfortable they will be to inquire and subscribe to your products and services.

Having a well-researched and implemented brand book can help you home in on what visual elements can help consumers in remembering your business. Keeping a brand book allows you to have a consistent and coherent visual direction for all your marketing collaterals.


With the different brands and businesses accessible through the internet, you have to know how to compete for your potential customers’ attention. Investing in your digital marketing’s graphic design is a positive first step toward improving your brand awareness while increasing your marketing campaigns’ effectiveness.

Designing your website’s overall layout is an essential part of increasing your customer conversion rates. Phantom Eye Design is a website design agency in Athens, GA, that offers professional website design, SEO, and graphic design for all your marketing needs. Book a consultation with us today, and we’ll make sure that your company’s branding can stand out among the rest!

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