Digital Marketing Amid COVID-19: How to Use Your Time Well

Whether you are a big or small business owner, the COVID-19 pandemic has surely had an impact on your operations. Its effects are most evident in businesses that rely on physical stores and face-to-face interactions, but internet-based companies have also been affected. Many digital experts might say that the only way a business can survive this pandemic is to go completely digital, but the case is not the same for everyone.

All businesses have lost money, and even those who want to try their luck online would need to invest heavily to get the most out of their online presence. Now, the question is: Should you still pursue your digital presence amid the pandemic, given the potential risks?

Digital Presence: A Go or No During Pandemic?

As a digital marketing agency, we recommend that you continue to pursue digital efforts, even amid the pandemic. However, instead of making a huge leap and diving right into the digital deep end, it's better to ease your way into it. Doing so will help establish your presence first and prepare you for the economy to climb back up again. In the meantime, focus on setting up an online following and improving your search rankings.

Don't pressure yourself to achieve big goals since no one can do so overnight. For example, ranking on top of Google search or building a strong brand identity requires plenty of hard work and time. Break these big goals into smaller ones and shift your focus to more modest steps.

Now is the time when the majority of people are at home and online. Take this opportunity to capture their attention and attract them to your business. Get to know your customers, find out what their pain points are, and come up with solutions they'll appreciate. The goal is to strengthen your brand so that you're ready to go all-out when the time is right.

Ways You Can Be Productive

If you're looking for suggestions on how to begin, here are some things you can work on while on a lockdown period:

1. Build your brand

If you already have a social media presence and share content that helps your audience during the pandemic, you're doing a good job. However, you can get better results if you link all your content to your brand. By associating your posts with your branding, you can generate page traffic and improve your online presence. That way, you'll build better brand recall, which is the first step to cementing customer loyalty. Start by designing a brand identity that will set you apart from others.

2. Start with your Social Media Marketing

There's no better time to engage with your followers than now. Since most of them are spending time on their social media profiles, you can take advantage of this moment to establish your presence and build your follower base. In general, social media marketing requires great time and effort, from developing a strategy to creating actual content and engaging with followers. This lockdown is your chance to brainstorm and work on your game plan. You can try building an online community or launching promotions that your market will find useful. Be creative and don't be scared to explore.

3. Develop your website

All businesses need to have a reliable website, and creating one isn't as simple as others might think. It involves several phases and usually takes a lot of time. While there's no rush on your end, you can make the most of your time now by starting your website development. By the time the world is ready for a new beginning, your website will also be prepared to engage and keep audiences coming.


The COVID-19 pandemic made things difficult for everyone, but life continues to move on, and so should your business. Once you're ready to face the world again, put all your energy into something productive. A digital platform is a powerful tool you should take advantage of, and getting it right will make all your efforts worth it.

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