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3 Local SEO Tips to Bring Success to All Your Physical Locations

If you're a business owner running your company with multiple brick-and-mortar locations, one of the significant challenges you have to face is bringing enough customers to each of those locations. How do you do that exactly? Well, your typical marketing activities should help out in that department. However, if you are looking for the best way to bring attention to all your physical stores, local SEO is the way to go.

Local SEO strategy, as the name implies, is the search engine optimization strategies you place to rank your business locally. This helps to bring local attention to your brick-and-mortar store, which is precisely the type of reach you want!

In this article, we're going to share the top local SEO tips that you should employ to bring success to all your brick-and-mortar locations:

1. Keep Your NAP Consistent

The most significant consideration to make when running brick-and-mortar stores is the fact that people need to know precisely where those stores are in the first place. Simply advertising yourself to be selling a specific product or service isn't enough. You also need to tell people where to find you.

This is where NAP comes in. NAP stands for name, address, and phone number, and this information should remain consistent with your business and locations. Whether you've included NAP on your website or a third-party platform, ensuring that they are all the same can reduce confusion among your audience and boost your business.

2. Optimize Your Local Page’s Content

When running a website, it is a given that you will have content on it for visitors to read. With local SEO, you will want to make sure all your content is optimized for specific keywords and that those keywords are location-specific for location-specific content.

How do you identify those keywords? It all starts with keyword research. Undergoing keyword research helps you identify any relevant and high-performing keywords you can use for your website. This ensures that your content has the highest chance of attracting attention, highlighting your physical locations in the process.

3. Ensure Your Locations Are Getting Reviews

One of the most critical factors that you need your physical locations to have is reviews. Why is this so? Customers trust each other. With reviews, negative or positive, you can prove to your audience that people have reached out to you for your offerings.

However, do not mistake having any reviews to be not as hurtful as bad reviews. No reviews, in most cases, are terrible for your business. This is because, without any reviews, no one is going to trust your company. At least with bad reviews, you can reach out to them and turn them into a somewhat positive one. As such, you must do your best to encourage reviews from your audience and respond to each one of them as possible.


There are multiple other local SEO practices that you can employ to improve your brick-and-mortar location's performance. This includes building local link citations, including important information in your GMB listing, and more. Regardless, all of the tips above are going to help bring attention to all your locations. Although your efforts are all online, it is through the internet that people learn about your business and decide whether to buy from you! As such, optimizing your website for your local audience will ensure that they can reach out to you quickly and easily, keeping them happy, and you running!

Phantom Eye Design is a digital agency offering SEO, website design, and graphic design services to help businesses grow their brand to achieve success. If you are looking for an SEO agency in Athens to build your local SEO, reach out to us today!

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