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The Best Website Design Tips and Practices in 2021

Let’s face it. People on the internet are not as easy to impress as they were before. Pretty stock images and standard templates are something most people nowadays are going to miss. Web design in this day of age requires planning and strategy as much as it does creativity and aesthetics.

With tons of websites out there offering the same thing you are, you will need to stand out through your design. And most importantly, that design has to get as many conversions as possible. To make that happen, check out this list to update yourself on this year’s website design best practices.

5 Best Practices of Website Design This 2021

1 - Design for Both Desktop and Mobile Users

A lot more people are on their phones now than they are on any other device. Because of this, developers are not finding a way to create a mobile-friendly version of every website. That is why designers have to develop a good layout that doesn’t look condensed or too much when it turns into its mobile counterpart.

2 - Keep Text Short and Simple

The only blocks of text you should ever find on a website is in the blog posts. For main pages and landing pages, you’re going to have to keep things simple. A good word count range is 250-300 words. Keep paragraphs in simple 2-3 sentences and let the visuals take the lead on these pages.

3 - Do Not Overload Pages With Too Many Graphics

Having graphic files that are too big or too many incorporated into a webpage hamper a site’s loading speed, which hurts the user experience. Not all web pages need flashy and loud designs to catch people’s attention. Overdo it, and it may come off as spammy or just outright pretentious. Keep navigation and graphics simple.

4 - Match Your Brand With the Right Colors

Colors make a huge difference in web design. Not only do they represent your brand, but they also invoke certain feelings to certain customers. For example, the color blue is often used by service providers because it conveys trust. Websites that use red may indicate importance, so banks and insurance providers often opt for red shades.

5 - CTA Should Be Glaringly Obvious (but Not Obnoxious)

Back in 2013, a study from Small Business Trends showed that seventy percent of small B2B websites did not have a call-to-action. Since then, a lot more websites have been placing their contact information and CTA buttons on their websites, but having to scroll through the website going all the way down or click here and there for a CTA button is absolutely ridiculous.

Don’t overpopulate your landing pages with content if it will take them forever to get to the CTA button at the bottom. You can even decide to put your CTA button on the side as people scroll down or at the very corner of the navigation panel. But make sure every call-to-action is placed in a smart spot. You want it seen but not placed everywhere.


Website design for the year 2021 won’t be as drastic of a change. You can follow trends, but ultimately it is the functions of your website and user experience that will make it successful. As long as you keep these best practices in mind, you won’t fall behind.

If web design isn’t something you consider a strength of yours, perhaps you should consider hiring a professional website design company. Phantom Eye Design is a web design agency that can create a website for you that matches your brand. Get a free consultation today!