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SEO 101: What Beginners Should Know About SEO

Behind every successful digital marketing strategy is a solid SEO foundation. No one can question its role in helping brands build their online reputation. Those who have been doing digital marketing for their businesses for years know this and they’ve been enjoying its benefits.

Still, for beginners, the thought of starting with SEO can be overwhelming. Having a plan from the start and staying consistent with your efforts is key to nailing SEO, though. To help you out, Phantom Eye Design, a trusted digital marketing company in Athens, GA, tells you what you need to know about SEO:

SEO, Defined

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. As you know people use search engines to look for information that they need. In turn, these search engines work hard to deliver the best possible user experience so they crawl websites to determine whether they are indeed helpful and relevant.

SEO is the strategy that brands use to ensure that their website is optimized for ranking in the search engines results pages. Many think that SEO is just about using the right keywords, but it’s actually so much more than that although keywords are a huge part of it.

Search Engine Ranking Factors

  • Loading Speed

  • Mobile-Friendliness

  • Domain age and URL

  • Optimized content

  • Technical SEO aspects like H1 header tags, meta descriptions, image alt tags, etc.

  • A well-coded platform that has an HTTPS SSL certificate

  • Links (Internal and backlinks)

  • User experience

  • Social signals

  • Business information

Why Is SEO Powerful?

When done right, SEO can get your website to the top of the search results on Google for relevant keywords. This is one of the best things you can do online for your business. SEO can boost your reputation, reach, and authority. When you appear on the first page of the search results pages, your audience will be more familiar with your brand and they’ll start to trust you and view you as an authority in your industry. This could very well be the start of their loyalty to your brand, too.

Work On Your SEO from the Get-Go

You might be wondering when it’s the best time to integrate SEO into your strategies. The answer is from the time you decide to take your business online, SEO should be a part of your efforts. But if you haven’t done that yet, it’s not too late, but don’t delay it any further and do it now! Be consistent, too. Don’t just limit your efforts to the few articles that you want to do well and rank for.

The entire website has to be optimized to improve the user experience. Focusing on content marketing will help ensure that the website is continuously updated. Even during content creation, SEO should be kept in mind so that they’ll already be optimized from the moment they’re published.

You should not only choose the keywords you want to rank for. You should also think about your audience and what type of content they’d be looking for, what message you want them to know, and how you want to share that message. Once you figure this out, you should ensure that this applies to all your platforms as well and not just your website.


SEO is indeed a necessity for any brand and business that wants to grow and thrive online. If you want to make sure that you’re doing your SEO strategy right, you should consider working with a reputable digital marketing company that specializes in SEO. Seasoned professionals would know exactly what strategies would work for you.

Phantom Eye Design is the best SEO company in Athens, Georgia that can improve your online presence and help establish you as an authority. Contact us today to know what our experts can do for you!

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