Website Monitoring

Your new website is an investment, ensure it is always performing at its best!

Up to 35% Off Wix Web Hosting!*

*if applicable - based off current Wix Web Hosting rate

25% Discount on Website Updates

Website Backups

Ensuring Website Runs and Displays as Built By Phantom Eye Design

Form, Email & Phone Testing

Internal / External Link Testing

Monthly Status Reports

Priority Support

*Client responsible for web hosting costs


1-4 Page


Standard: $30/month

Premium: $40/month

5-10 Page


Standard: $40/month

Premium: $50/month

11+ Page


Starting at


Premium Websites include: Booking Capabilities, eCommerce, Wix Code, etc.

Premium Website monthly pricing may be subject to change based on the number of products, special functions, etc.

The client is responsible for hosting costs, domain renewal fees, etc. Discounted priced web hosting available if applicable.

Terms & Conditions

Phantom Eye will provide Priority Support and Website Monitoring for clients registered to any Website Monitoring Plan.


Website Monitoring means Phantom Eye will regularly check your website to ensure that it is running and displaying as originally developed by PhantomEYE and will correct any issues that may arise.*


*Phantom Eye cannot guarantee the functionality of a website if edits are made by the client. Edits to the website made by the client are not covered under any Website Monitoring Plan. If edits to the website are made by the client and later need to be fixed, Phantom Eye can assist and the client will be billed separately at a discounted rate.

Website Monitoring plans do not include Blog Post monitoring.

To be eligible for Priority Support and Website Monitoring, Phantom Eye will remain the Primary Owner of the website. The client will be responsible for website hosting fees, domain renewal fees, domain privacy fees, etc. Discounts for these fees may be available through Phantom Eye. The client will be notified of upcoming renewal fees in a timely manner.


The client can be granted Contributor Access to their site in order to maintain specialty functions, such as online store management, blogging, online booking management, etc.


All clients on Website Monitoring Plans will receive exclusive discounted rates and priority support from Phantom Eye Design if further additions/edits to the website are needed.


The client may cancel their Website Monitoring Plan at any time. Website Ownership will then be transferred to the client within 3-5 business days at no additional cost.


These terms are subject to change without notice.

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