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2 Tips in Choosing a Domain Name to Help You Stand Out - Our Guide

“What’s in a name?”: For thousands of years, people have consistently asked themselves this question when exploring deeper ideas that go far beyond “just knowing what to call someone.” Whether it’s your own, the one that you give your pets, or those that you give to your treasured material things, there’s no doubt that there’s much more to a name than you might expect. Over time, you’ll quickly realize that the value of a name has a significant impact on how life goes because it’s interconnected with every task you come across.

In this time where being distinguished and recognized easily is more vital (albeit difficult) than ever, business owners are urged to consider choosing the right name, especially when it comes to choosing a domain name.

The importance of having the right name

Although most people perceive a website’s domain name as a menial idea in comparison with the other parts of their page, at the end of the day, the exact opposite stands as the truth.

Domain names are to a website as what location will mean to a realtor: it determines the value of your website from the onset and catches the attention of a potential buyer. Regardless of whether you’re building your first website or your 50th one, the impact that your domain name has will always remain because of how it affects whether your page will live or die on the web.

For pages that belong to businesses in highly-competitive industries, having the right identity is a decision-making factor in your shot at success. Whether it’s over attracting more buyers and inquiries or creating a sense of trust that will best encourage a customer to make their purchase, your domain name will take up a bigger role than you might expect.

Now, while we can talk about why it matters to choose the right domain name for your website, the chances are that you have one question in mind: “How am I supposed to choose the best domain name for my business?”

Two tips to consider

While the olden days had a more straightforward approach to choosing a domain name, picking one that works and stands out today is a different story. Fortunately, these tips will help you construct an identity that will easily set you apart from the sheer volume of websites on the web (and in your industry):

Tip #1: Combine your name and service or location

Today, the standard for having a domain name that stands out is a format that involves using either a “name” + “location” or “name” + “service” format.

Unless you have a one-off name that can’t be found anywhere else, following this simple yet effective format can make it easier for customers to remember, recognize, and type in your name. For instance, if you’re a design agency in Athens, GA that’s called “Phantom Eye,” you can go for “” or “”.

Tip #2: Make your name easy to spell out from hearing

If you want a domain name that’s easy to remember and puts your website on a user’s screen every time they look for you on the web, then you’ll need something that’s easy to spell, even if it isn’t spelt out.

Apart from having something that’s catchy and memorable, your domain name needs to be easy enough to spell correctly to the point where someone can write it properly the first time they hear it. Before you pass your domain name to a hosting provider who will settle everything for you, it’s recommended that you ask a friend (or even stranger) and ask them to spell the name after you say it. If everyone gets it right, then you’re all set!


When it comes to making sure that your website has a name that allows it to stand out from the ever-wide and deep world of the Internet, it’s clear that no expense must be spared during the brainstorming process. With the help of the three tips mentioned above, you can ensure to have a name that rakes in more opportunities as well as it stands out!

If you are looking for a website design agency in Athens, GA, get in touch with us today. We will help you grow your business with a powerful and beautiful website that is made to convert visitors into clients!

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