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5 Ways to Create Themed Web Content for Your Website

Holidays—whether New Year’s, Valentine’s, or even the Fourth of July—are a time of excitement for everybody. Seemingly everybody will be looking online to shop for presents, search for little holiday getaway deals, or just browse for enjoyment. That means these times are the perfect time to attract customers both new and old to your website!

Want to catch customers’ eyes even while you’re relaxing with your family? Themed content is an excellent way to do so! In the weeks leading up to a holiday, it’s a good idea to start teasing special deals and themed content.

Creating Themed Holiday Content for Your Website

When you’ve got some spare time in your day or just want to take your mind off work for a moment, chances are that you reach for your smartphone and start browsing. This phenomenon is only clearer during a special event. Why not take advantage of your audience’s potential to be browsing and grab their attention?

A carefully planned themed content plan will help drive traffic to your website during the season. Here are our tips!

1 - Start by Plotting a Schedule

It will become easier to produce themed content if you plot a schedule leading up to that event. Working with a schedule will allow you to maximize the effects of the content you will post. Look into the products or services you can offer your customers. Do you have a special couple’s deal that will be perfect for Valentine’s? Generate themed content that integrates your product seamlessly and promote it a few weeks in advance!

2 - Add a Little Spice to Your Homepage

Many websites add some themed flavor to their homepages for the holidays. It doesn’t need to be a major revamp at all; a few small tweaks will show that you take time to update your website regularly while granting frequent visitors something new to enjoy. Consider putting your themed promotions on the front page or even temporarily changing your color scheme to match the holiday.

3 - Give Out Themed Coupons

If you are an online store owner, giving holiday discount coupons is a great idea. Giving your visitors e-coupons to spend on your merchandise is a great way to encourage people to check out your online store. The discount will entice them to invest in your products and it will show them the quality of your products, which will hopefully turn a visitor who just happened to find your website into a loyal customer.

4 - Send a Special Newsletter

Sending a specially themed newsletter is a great way to send a personalized message to your customers. It will also grant you the opportunity to invite your customers to look at the updates to your website. If you decide to give out a themed coupon or discount, your newsletter will be the best possible way to spread the news!

5 - Invite Clients to Share Their Stories

When someone loves your product, they’ll be more than happy to share. Inviting your customers to share a special memory or story associated with your brand on your website is a great way to drive traffic in that direction. After reading some inspirational stories and reviews from happy customers, visitors just might be inclined to make a purchase themselves!


Before you relax and enjoy any upcoming holidays yourself, it will be a wise choice to take advantage of the rush to attract potential customers. Adding something special to your site and producing themed content to match the holidays will encourage your customers to pay a visit and perhaps even make a purchase!

Phantom Eye Design is a web design agency that aims to help improve website performance. We offer SEO services, web design, digital marketing and graphic design services. If you need help with overhauling your website for the holidays, give us a call today!

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