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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Build Your Own Website. Even With a DIY Website Builder.

It's 2021, every business owner needs a website. It seems like it's easier than ever to just build your own website with programs like Wix, Weebly, GoDaddy builder, and the list goes on... and on. These platforms are extremely powerful and can absolutely yield a stunning website. However, 99% of the time your self-built website is not going to do your business any justice. We've compiled three reasons why you just shouldn't do it.

Design your own website
We develop websites. What do you do?

1. You Are Not A Designer

You may have a vision, that's great and all, but do you truly know how to bring that vision to life in a website that draws results and drives focus both consciously and subconsciously to your viewer? Do you know what works? What yields results? Web Designers study this and work with this every day, all day, because they are Web Designers.

2. What Does Your Company Do? Shouldn't You Be Focusing On That?

If you are trying to build your own website then that is a pretty good indicator that your company is either not very successful or you are just starting up (and trying to save some cash). In either instance, you should be focusing on bettering, fine-tuning and mastering what it is your company does. Not trying to learn a new industry. Think about it like this...

A baseball player is trying to make it to the Major Leagues. No team will consider him unless his batting average goes up. Should he focus on his swing, his timing, his stance, and his overall batting strategy? Or should he start manufacturing his own baseball bats?

3. Do You Know How To Fly An Airplane?

Unless you are a pilot, the answer is "no." I mean sure, you could sit in the passenger seat, pull on the steering handle, maybe push a few buttons. Maybe you'll even watch a YouTube video. If you are lucky enough to get off the ground, then what? Can you maintain it? What if there is turbulence? What if something breaks? Will you land or crash? Much like an airplane, building websites (even with a do-it-yourself website builder) requires tools that must be mastered and navigated by a professional in order to successfully achieve the desired result.

Final Thoughts

We here at Phantom Eye Design are Certified Wix Experts, and we love Wix! Wix is highly marketed as a do-it-yourself website builder. But guess what? The majority of our clients tried to "do-it-themselves," they spent countless hours, only to give up and hire us. Now they've lost time and money that could have been applied to mastering their own business.

Showcase your business with a website that converts to sales. Contact Phantom Eye Design today for professional website design.

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