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How to Promote Your Website For FREE: 6 Proven Strategies

You just had an awesome new website developed - it looks great, totally captures the essence of your brand and you can't wait for the world to see it. Now chill out for just a second and ask yourself this question... "How do you expect people to know about your website?"

Unless you are actively promoting your website and implementing effective strategies to create quality traffic, then your website will just be... well, just a website.

We here at Phantom Eye Design have compiled 6 proven do-it-yourself SEO strategies that will increase website traffic, strengthen your online presence, and help grow your business.

Promote Your Website For Free - Let's Go!

1. Create a Google My Business

Create your Free Google My Business account and be sure to connect it to your website.

It’s easy! Click the link below to learn more and get started:


Google My Business is a super powerful SEO tool that helps give your customers immediate information about your business, helps you rank higher on Google, and ultimately grows your website traffic and your business!

Once you've created and optimized your Google My Business, be sure to post regularly and get your customers to leave reviews.

Check out a screenshot of our Google My Business (located on the right side):

promote your website for free with Google My Business
The big box to the right is our Google My Business account

2. Get Social

Be sure to have a Facebook page, Instagram page, Twitter page and any other social platform you may want to use. Once you have your business accounts set up, be sure to:

  • Link your website address on your profiles and pages

  • Be active, post regularly and engage with active page followers. Need help?

  • If you plan to be active on Facebook, request that your happy clients leave you a review (are you seeing a pattern? Reviews are important!)

promote your website for free on Facebook and social media
Stay active on your Business Social Media pages by posting regularly and engaging with active page followers

3. Local Online Listings

Get your website listed on available online local listing directories. There are literally thousands of directories you can get your website listed on and promoted for FREE! We recommend at least starting with some of the more popular ones (Yelp, Angie’s List, Business Data Index, etc).

There is a company called Site Booster that will list your website on three directories at once for FREE, they also have a low priced paid directory listing plan.

Check them out:

women promoting website for free using local listings
List your new website on available online local listing directories like Yelp, Angie's List, etc.

4. Email Blast

Send an email to all your clients, friends, family, neighbors, anyone you can think of. Let them know about your great new website, encourage them to visit your site and let their friends and families know as well.

Start collecting, saving and organizing email addresses with whom you can send out regular emails promoting your services or offering advice. Be careful not to overdo it, no one likes to be flooded with emails.

women sending email blast for website promotion
Promote Your Website & Services with a ShoutOut!

Wix has a FREE email blast program that’s included with every website called Wix ShoutOut. Send stylized emails to hundreds of people at once, for free! 

Learn more here:

5. Blog

A blog is a great way to add quality content to the internet that links back to your website. Regularly write and publish blog posts that your target audience would be interested in. Maybe it’s a common question, a new industry trend, or simply some tips and tricks - after all, you are the expert.

  • Add a blog to your website

  • Write about quality industry-related topics

  • Link back to relevant main pages in your website

  • Share blog posts on your Social Media

promote your website for free with blog writing
Link back to your website with quality content from your very own Blog.

6. Backlinking

"Backlinks” are simply links on other websites that send traffic to your website (local listings, social media, etc.). However, some links have more “authority” than others. Quality backlinks can be difficult to come by but are extremely helpful in gaining your website traffic and higher search results. Basically it’s the “cool by association” effect. If Google sees a popular and relevant website linking back to yours, they will favor your website in Google search results.

Here is an article with some great tips for generating backlinks:

woman at computer building backlinks to promote her websit
Quality backlinks are extremely helpful in gaining your website traffic and higher search results.

BONUS (Not Free): Paid Digital Marketing

If you want to gain website traffic and new customers more rapidly. Consider running pay-per-click advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook or Instagram. You can highly target the audience you are after and see results quite quickly!

Keyboard and smartphone for pay per click website promotion


We hope you found this article helpful!

Need help growing and maintaining your online presence through SEO and paid digital marketing? Contact Phantom Eye Design for a Free Strategy Session and we’ll develop a plan to help you grow, get new customers, and take over the world :)

Dan Lacasse Phantom Eye Design

Dan Lacasse

Website & Digital Marketing Strategist

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