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The Importance of Having a Wrapped Vehicle for Your Business

Vehicle wraps are not that popular as an advertising technique since companies are now focused on going digital with their marketing approaches. However, vehicles with eye-catching graphics are absolutely the most cost-effective and outright type of advertising available since they can generate a significant reach within a day. In fact, one vehicle in America can already garner between 30,0000-70,000 impressions per day! If you don’t have your vehicle wrapped, you may be missing out on this opportunity.

In addition, mobile flexibility allows you to position your vehicle ad anywhere you want, making it more efficient. If you are still skeptical about venturing into wrapped company vehicles to market your business, here are some of the important things why you should reconsider.

1. You Can Create Larger Audience Reach

Companies with a wrapped vehicle have a higher chance of reaching everyone without exclusions. It allows you to create a broad audience reach since customers could spot you while they are on the same street as you. Whatever event they’re doing, passing by at their sight can significantly affect their impression of your brand, even for a short time. This leaves you with nearly unlimited reach without spending too much, unlike in digital marketing campaigns. Moreover, your potential customers that are not on social media can now see that your brand exists, leading to product awareness.

2. You Can Highly Utilize Its Mobility

Compared with billboard advertising, vehicle-wrapped advertising is more effective because of its mobility. Although both serve the same purpose, billboards have a higher chance of becoming irrelevant to the customer’s eyes since they always see the same image over time. On the other hand, wrapped vehicles are constantly on the move. Because of this, different people in different locations see your ad, so your audience impact is always fresh and compelling.

3. You Can Experience a Cost-Effective Marketing Technique

Every marketer knows that to achieve a more expansive reach, you need to have a budget. With vehicle wrap advertising, you’ll never have to pay if you want to increase your reach and impressions. Once your wrap is designed and installed, your advertising effectiveness will be unlimited, and you can utilize it anywhere and anytime you want. You’ll still be able to garner continuous results while just driving your vehicle around. That means you don’t have to do insight tracking, budget adjustments, or algorithm changes.

4. You Can Concentrate with Local Advertising

This advantage is more effective and applicable for local businesses since you can drive around the area using your wrapped vehicle to promote your company. By using vehicle wraps for business cars, you’re guaranteed to reach people within your business’ vicinity. What’s more advantageous is that with constant exposure to your commercial vehicle wraps, potential customers will get the impression that you are in high demand, always on the move, and worthy of their business.

5. You Can Be Flexible in Making Eye-Catching Ads

Since we’re so used to promotional materials online, vehicle wrap can be a breath of fresh air. Vehicle wraps stand out among solid-colored vehicles, especially if they’re in bright and bold colors. The goal is to grab attention, and by incorporating creativity, uniqueness, and bright colors, you can do that.

6. You Can Serve a Non-Aggressive Advertising Approach

Since most audiences in social media advertising tend to feel harassed due to multiple advertisements, vehicle wraps are a much gentler approach for brand awareness. Rather than paying to appear 20-30 times on a newsfeed, customers will instead see your branding ‘by chance,’ making it look genuine and convenient.


Visual messages are a powerful tool to use when advertising—and vehicle wrap is the perfect venue to go all out on visuals. Since it can be difficult to reach and gain the attention of your busy potential customers, why not use a method that is gentler and appropriate for people who are on the move? Wrapped vehicles provide the same approach and solution to print ads and digital ads; it’s just a matter of creating an effective and eye-catching design that will stand out from the crowd.

If you are looking for a digital marketing company that can create your wrapped vehicle graphic designs, get in touch with Phantom Eye Design. We are a graphic design agency that provides clients in Athens, GA 100% custom design on any promotional materials for your business. Call us today and start your vehicle-wrapped advertising project with us!

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