Website Design Strategy. Quit the Fluff, Quit the Confusion

How much time do most new visitors spend on your website before they bounce?

Small business web design strategy

If the answer is less than 30 seconds, then there is probably something seriously wrong with your design and layout.

Many online businesses struggle to build user interest and fail to generate consistent traffic. This can cost them visitors, rankings, and most importantly sales. In this article, we look at some of the things that you might be doing wrong to attract and retain visitors on your website.

Bounce Rate

Bounce rate represents the percentage of users who landed on your site and then left without clicking on any other link.

Research shows that most online users who visit a new website for information make a decision about the business within the first 15 to 30 seconds. If they think that the website looks credible, helpful, and friendly, they browse it for what they want. If not, they hit the back button before you can even get to your punch line.

A high bounce rate often indicates a poorly constructed site.

A low bounce rate suggests things are running smoothly. It shows you offer enough value through good design and content. If users are willing to spend more time browsing around your site, you are doing something right.

Tips for Designing an Effective Website

There are several strategies you can use to engage your audience and keep them around.

  • Quickly explain to your audience what you offer. Avoid making lengthy speeches about the features of your products or what your business has accomplished since starting. New visitors are interested in one thing: “How can you help them?”

  • Your site must be mobile-friendly. It is estimated that the majority of online users access websites on a mobile device and if your website doesn’t scale or customize based on that, you are missing out.

  • Designing a dynamic website that functions smoothly can be done on many different platforms. Tools such as the Wix Website designer are used to create fully customized websites for different platforms.

  • Creating user-friendly website navigation is a bit more complex and nuanced tha