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4 Common Web Redesign Mistakes Companies Should Stop Doing - What to Know

In today’s age, having a successful website relies on how well developed and designed it is. The trouble with this is that no matter how good your design is now, you will, at some point, need to have it updated. Choosing to undergo a web redesign is a crucial step to take, especially when you notice that your website’s results aren’t working for you.

Making that decision is an easy step, actually carrying out the redesigning process, however, is a different matter. Merely off-loading this task to a professional web design agency won’t be enough—you will need to guide them to get the results you want.

In order to have an easier and more successful time redesigning your website, here are four of the most common web redesign mistakes that companies should avoid.

Not Setting A Proper Plan

While making that choice to redesign your company website is the start of this process, it’s crucial to take a step back and review what you need first. Simply redesigning the whole website without a proper review and assessment will be extremely time-consuming and could be a huge wasted effort.

The most essential step would be to first consider the goals of your redesign. By taking note of what aspects to change, what to keep, and where to improve, you can ultimately define the scope of work you’ll need to be done.

Beyond this, well laid-out goals can give you clear and concrete success markers to strive for. This way, you can focus on one essential part at a time, allowing your website to remain up without any significant downtimes.

Appropriating a Design by Committee Format

The biggest and most common mistake would be to appropriate a design by committee format. Having too many people to run through the decisions and an excessive amount of teams all brainstorming will prove unproductive in the long run. Instead, compose one deciding body that’s headed by at most two to three people—this way the web design process can be more streamlined and decisive.

Keeping a Loose Timeline

Even if the redesign process “isn’t a priority” yet, it doesn’t mean that you can just handle it loosely. Web design trends shift and evolve constantly, which is why it’s crucial to plan your redesign with a specific timeline. This way, you can act within a reasonable amount of time that assures your design will stay relevant to your consumers.

Deprioritizing Content

Part of the web redesign process is to revamp and refresh the website content. As soon as the plan is laid out, you can get a brief overview of which content pages will be included—and you should start having these content created immediately. Content creation takes a huge amount of time, but the beauty of this is that it can run simultaneously with web design. By having a separate team focused on this, you can streamline the redesign process even better.


Having a website redesigned is a difficult process, but with some expectation setting and the help of a professional web design agency, you can streamline and quicken the process. The crucial point here is to know when and how to start, as you can avoid most of the potential issues and risks by having a concrete plan.

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