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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Overlook Your Website Color Scheme - What to Know

When designing an eye-catching website that’s ready to serve customers, one aspect of the process you mustn’t forget to give your attention is the overall color scheme. There are several reasons this is the case, and in this article, we’ll show you exactly why.

Here, we’ll establish the importance of your website’s color scheme as we list down five observable effects your color choices can have on not only your business but on your customers as well. Let’s begin.

1. They can communicate what type of business you have

Have you ever noticed that many businesses working within the same industry use similar colors for their branding and website? Well, the phenomenon is not a coincidence. Different industries are associated with different colors, and they help give an immediate idea to the customer as to what type of business you have.

For instance, businesses that have to do with banking and finances will usually use shades of blue to identify their business. For those working in the food industry, green and red are common choices. While this is not a hard rule that every business should follow, it helps to apply this knowledge when picking out your color scheme.

2. They can attach an emotion or feeling to your brand

Colors are powerful tools to evoke feelings in your customers, and there is strong psychological evidence to support this. For example, dark and rich tones like black and mahogany can elicit a sense of luxury, while brighter colors like yellow and orange can exude creativity and excitement. In this sense, you have to find out what sort of brand you want to be perceived as, and then base your color choices on what you learn.

3. They can help you attract your target customer.

Different groups of people will have different responses to your color palette. As such, you must choose colors that are appropriate to the customer you’re trying to attract. If your target demographic includes children, for example, you might want to focus on highly-saturated, primary colors in your website’s design. At the same time, going for softer choices like pastels can attract a totally different type of buyer.

4. They can add visual pop to your website without introducing clutter

One way to add visual interest to your website without having to cram in more images and media files is through smart use of color. You can make impactful designs that are both striking and practical by making a few adjustments in your color palette. Also, remember to focus on just a few main colors, as using too many is generally not effective nor pleasing to look at.

5. They can organize your content and designate functionality.

Smart use of color can also help you organize your website so that your customers can intuitively navigate your content. You can use a certain color for interactive elements like buttons and links to help set them apart from regular text. Additionally, you can use colors to highlight an important part of your website and direct your customers’ attention to them.

As you can see, your color choices will have many effects on how your website and business are perceived, so take the needed time to get this aspect of your design right. Doing so will not only enhance the look and functionality of your website as a whole but also prevent you from sending the wrong message or reaching the wrong customers altogether.

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