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5 Ways a Web Design Agency Can Increase Quality Website Traffic

Nowadays, many successful businesses have an online presence. An online platform such as a website makes information about your brand easily accessible. You can keep your customers updated about the latest news and products. A well-designed site allows customers to browse product catalogs, make transactions, and give feedback. And of course, it’s a great way to give customers a glimpse into your brand and what you value.

A website should be a useful extension of your business operations and a way to gain more clients. The key indicator of whether a site is helpful to a business is how much traffic it receives. Traffic is the number of users who visit your website and interact with it.

Just like customers to a brick and mortar store, you need more website traffic to generate sales. More than that, you want to deliberately attract the kind of visitors who are interested in buying your products and using your services.

A capable web design agency can help you design an attractive site with useful features. They know how to employ tactics that ensure people stay and take a look around. Here are five ways a skilled web design agency will help you increase the number of quality visitors to your site:

1. They’ll help customers understand your product

Skilled web designers always ensure your website contains lots of useful content about how you can solve your customer’s problems. Many people don’t use the internet to search for specific products or services; instead, they may pose a question that needs answering. Make sure your site provides the kind of information that helps potential customers understand why they should choose to buy from you or how your service will benefit them.

2. They’ll ensure you have good landing pages for targeted ads

Targeted advertising places your ads around the internet on sites that are visited by your core audience. Advertisers identify specific traits and preferences of customers and then customize a site’s ads based on them. You can take advantage of this by advertising your brand only to people who might be interested in your product or to whom your service will be relevant. But what’s the point of driving people to your landing page if it isn’t enough to make them stay or take an action? Web designers can help you build effective landing pages for your ads, ensuring that you aren’t only getting traffic, but conversions.

3. They’ll link your site up with social media

You can further your online reach by advertising on social media. Having a social media account can increase awareness and gain loyalty. You can also engage more casually with your followers and in turn, they can share your brand with their own network. A social media profile can be updated frequently on new offers or promotions you may have. All these different kinds of content on social media can redirect and encourage followers to go back to your website. Web designers also ensure your business social media accounts are linked up to your site so those browsing can follow you in other ways as well.

4. They’ll integrate a mailing list feature into your website

Once a visitor comes to your site, you’ll want to make sure they return. Increasing the number of times they visit increases your chances of making a sale. Invite them to join a mailing list and send them relevant content directly into their inbox. Popping up in their email with useful information helps them to remember your brand when they need to make a purchase. Web designers can help you build a mailing list feature on your site, ensuring you connect with quality leads right in their inboxes!

5. They’ll optimize the user experience

Make sure your visitors have a great time browsing through your site. An experienced web designer can make sure your website is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and easy to use. You can use a hosting service, which will address issues such as slow loading time. Pages that take a long time to load often frustrate visitors and discourage them from coming back.

Try out any one or a combination of these strategies and see if your website traffic improves. Remember that your business should benefit from your presence online, and utilizing these tools will help you maximize the effectiveness of that presence.

If you’re looking for a web design agency in Athens, GA, we have a team of experienced professionals with over 15 years of experience. Reach out to us for a free consultation!

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