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Building a Website: Web Hosting and Other Necessities

Building a website is more than just aesthetics and external value. Marketing is also just one facet of the vast world of web design and development. While your website indeed serves as your business’s virtual storefront, how do you guarantee that it can hold surges in traffic and withstand cyberattacks, all the whole commanding credibility and authority?

Upholding your website standards is of the utmost importance—with that said, you need to focus on web hosting, domain names, SSL certificates. To fully understand the value of each of these concepts, here is a quick guide for you. We answer your most pressing questions to help your business succeed!

1 - What is web hosting?

Web hosting essentially pertains to a service that allows you to publish a website on the internet. Through the help of a web host, your business will be able to use the technologies and services necessary to build a website. Millions of websites currently available on the internet are hosted on servers, which are specially designed computers that retain website data and information.

Users can access websites through domains, which then prompts their personal computers to connect to your server. This allows them access to your website, officially welcoming them as prospective customers.

2 - What is a domain name?

As previously mentioned, users can access websites through domains. Domain names are essentially website names, serving as digital addresses that grant users access. Finding and identifying websites on the vast cyberspace calls for the need for a domain name, usually a combination of letters and numbers.

It is important to note that domain names need to be officially registered before using, thereby allowing websites to be uniquely identified.

3 - What is domain name privacy?

Now that you know what a domain name is, it’s integral that you understand domain name privacy. As you know, no two websites can have the same domain. Registering requires contact information from the company you wish to buy it from, which will then be passed along to the ICANN WHOIS directory.

ICANN WHOIS is an institution responsible for publishing websites, also granting you domain privacy rights. This is a service offered by most registration companies, as this is the only way to keep your personal information confidential.

4 - What is an SSL certificate?

Upon ensuring domain name privacy, you’ll then be entitled to SSL certificates. These are small data files that bind a cryptographic key to a business’s details. In other words, once these SSL certificates are installed on a web server, your website becomes secure. This manifests as a little padlock next to the https, ensuring that all transactions on funds and data remain secure, private, and away from cyber attacks.

Why is knowing all this information paramount to your business?

You’ll be safe from identity and data theft

Bear in mind that registration calls for your personal data. This is channelled through a website, meaning that it goes through channels of computers before reaching its desired destination. In that process, the chances of it being compromised are always high. Cyber attackers crawl through the internet waiting to strike, and sensitive information provided by unsuspecting users are regularly stolen.

With that in mind, it is only logical to assume that the importance of an SSL certificate is necessary. It encrypts the information, rendering data only accessible by the recipient party. A registered domain name and a reliable web hosting service further your chances of securing your website, making it paramount to your business success.

Users will navigate through your website with peace of mind

Although the digital revolution continues to make progress, threats and malware evolve alongside innovation. Identity theft and other malicious crimes remain on the rice. With the help of an SSL, secure web server, and a registered domain name, you not only keep your business safe but your customers. This helps you gain credibility and trustworthiness, promoting people to continuously visit your site and later on, engage in sales.

A Web Design Company To Trust

Your website needs more than just aesthetics. It needs technical support and a robust security system, and the only way to ensure that is to learn everything there is to know about websites. This guide was designed to exactly just that, so before launching your business, make sure that your website is secure!

For a reliable website designer in Athens, GA, Phantom Eye Design is the place to call. We offer you unparalleled services on everything digital. From website design, graphic design, SEO, and digital marketing, we’ve got it all for you. Reach out today to learn more!

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