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Building an Effective Website: 4 Essential Web Design Tips - Our Guide

The internet is filled to the brim with website design tips. People have differing opinions on what the perfect website should look like and be like. To a certain extent, designing is subjective—something attractive to an individual may not be true for another!

Web design, however, is crucial to the success of a website. Most people would agree that a website’s design attests to a company’s credibility. As a result, a good design also leads to conversions, bounce rates, and actual profit increase.

Here are four essential web design tips to help you build your website:

1 - Keep it simple!

A study by Google shows that visitors do not enjoy complexity in design. In other words, the more complex your design, the less attractive it will be for your visitors. To keep your design as simple as possible, consider ditching the sidebar in favor of a single-column design. This will mean fewer distractions and more focus on your site’s content. A standard layout design may work as well, as people enjoy familiarity—find other ways to stand out instead!

2 - Stay mobile friendly

We live in the age of mobile phone dominance, so it’s important to assess if your website is mobile-friendly. Most of your potential customers are on the go—if they find your website taking too long to load, or they’re faced with having to zoom in to see the content, you’ll lose them. You’ll also lose your credibility, conversions, and bounce rates. In this day and age, it’s important to keep up with as much technology as possible. Keep up with the pace by ensuring that your site runs smoothly on the small device!

3 - Make speed a priority

Prioritizing your design is crucial and all, but if your site is too slow, no one will stick around to appreciate your efforts. Search engines also factor in your loading speed, and a slow website will end up at the bottom of the rankings. Catering to your users is important—invest in making your site as fast as possible!

4 - Keep it readable and aesthetically pleasing

A readable website is a user-friendly website. “Readability” measures how easy it is for someone to recognize words, phrases, and sentences in a short amount of time. When your site is readable, visitors will be able to scan your website and receive information in content provided without much effort—this will likely encourage them to go back for more. Investing in content is crucial, so maximize that capital by ensuring that your web designer makes it readable!

The Takeaway

Web design is a complex topic, but it is crucial to the overall success of your website. For that reason alone, research much as you can to derive at well-informed decisions and carefully planned strategies. The tips above can be used to make your website more effective, so use them well!

If you’re looking for a web design company, we are the best place to call. Our website designers based in Athens, GA, understand design unlike any other—we design to instill confidence and win people over. Ask us how today!

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