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Domain Privacy Protection: What, How, and Why Do I Need It

According to the 2019 MidYear QuickView Data Breach Report, there were over 3,800 publicly disclosed cases of data breaches, which means around 4.1 billion records were compromised. That is an incredibly alarming number, and companies should start taking data privacy protection more seriously.

Domain privacy protection begins with your decision when you create your company's website domain. Many companies think that passwords are the only way to protect your data, but they are only one element. When you work with a web design agency, they can inform you of the risks and what you need to protect your domain privacy adequately. Here is the ultimate guide on what you need to know about domain privacy protection:

What is domain privacy protection?

Domain privacy protection, also known as Whois privacy, is a service that works with domain name registrars. This system stores essential information when you create a domain, including domain names, IP addresses block, or an anonymous system that helps protect the users' privacy.

When you create a domain, it is not a requirement to get domain privacy protection. However, web design agencies recommend to include it as an add-on to your website. If you do not get this option, you are at risk of data breaches. Your personal information, such as your name, e-mail address, phone number, and other legal data, will be accessible to the public.

How do I obtain domain privacy protection?

It is quite easy to get domain privacy protection. When you decide to create a domain for your website, choosing to get domain privacy protection is an offer that most hosting providers suggest.

The cost to acquire domain privacy protection can vary from $2 to $20 a year, depending on the hosting provider and its inclusions. That is not a bad price, especially if you want to protect vital information from reaching the general public.

Why do I need domain privacy protection?

You need domain privacy protection because you do not want to grant anyone access to your data. When you do not obtain privacy protection, you are at a considerable risk of exposing yourself to hackers, competitors, and other people who may have bad intentions. Without protection, you are putting your company at risk, including your customers' valuable information.

You should get privacy protection because you may get unwanted calls, messages, and ultimately get scammed. Because the public can easily access your information, you will attract scammers and thieves. These people can eventually steal your identity or even have your data sold.

Domain privacy protection can help decrease the chances of your website from getting hacked. If you can lock out hackers from your website, you can protect your company from people who want to steal the personal information of your employees and customers.


Getting domain privacy protection for your website provides numerous benefits. Your information is not the only one at risk without protection; you are ultimately putting your company's and client's information out in public to access for free. It may ruin your company's reputation and destroy what you just built. Working with a web design agency will help you choose the correct type of domain privacy protection that would best fit your company.

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