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"Must Haves" for a Great Consultant Website

Providing consulting services has become increasingly popular. Consultants, providing services from financial advice to event planning, capitalize on their knowledge and expertise in a particular field. The one thing that we’ve found in common from working on several consulting websites is that consultants provide a personal, one-on-one experience for their customers. At PhantomEYE, our goal is to reflect that in every consultant website we develop.

Consult website
Consultants are looked to as industry experts. Does your website reflect that?

At First Glance

Every consulting website should have a Home Page design that captures their particular audience right away. From the moment a potential customer visits a consultant’s website, they should find that the site is professional, easy to use, inviting, and showcases helpful services. The Home Page shouldn’t be lengthy and overstuffed with information. A great consultant website Home Page length should be roughly three "folds" (a "fold" is considered an average computer screen size).

Take Action

Interaction is important too! Search engines, like Google, want to see website visitors interacting on a website. This helps with a website’s bounce rate. For example, if a website is visited and then closed out with no interaction, the website could receive a high bounce rate - which Google doesn’t like, so it’s important to keep your bounce rate low. To achieve this, add a “call to action” to your site that encourages website visitors to click through your site seamlessly. Most consultant websites offer a Free Consultation, which is a great incentive that pushes website visitors to take action on their site.

Contact Details

Since most consultants offer personalized plans for their customers, it’s extremely important to have their contact information front-and-center and easily accessible. Having your phone number clickable, a short contact form and social media links present are "must-haves" for a great consultant website.

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