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SSL Certificates: A Small Business's Guide to this Solution

Although vulnerabilities on the web aren’t the newest thing since antivirus programs have been around before the year 2000, it’s no secret that it’s still a relevant concept today.

From malware threats to even tiny bits of adware that lie deep within the browsers, having enough protection against potential threats is more crucial now than ever. In the case of websites, in particular, the level of vulnerability that a single page can be susceptible to is beyond comprehension at times, to the extent where some believe that no website is safe. This is mostly true unless there’s an SSL certificate that’s brought into the mix.

The rise of SSL certificates on the web

The phrase “a safe website that doesn’t have an SSL certificate” is a modern-day oxymoron because the fixture is the pinnacle of safety on the Internet today. Year after year, the idea of having full coverage of protection on the web with the help of a certificate is paramount for ensuring that any website receives the protection it needs. As hackers, phishers, and cybercriminals continue to push the pace and inevitably bump up the bar on the importance of adequate cybersecurity, SSL certificates gain a much higher importance level.

Amid all the concerns and questions about the certification, however, there’s one looming concern that many businesses are still concerned about: “How can I use SSL certificates for my small business, and what do I get out of it?”

What is an SSL certificate?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are best defined as a “bodyguard” for your business’s website that acts as its first line of defense against hackers.

In terms of how it works, this certificate provides a set of data files that are added to the server your website is hosted in so that an encrypted connection is established between a browser and a server. Although you may not be familiar with the concept itself, you actually see it every day in the form of a green padlock beside the URL of websites you visit!

How will users know that your website is secure?

The first signal that any visitor can rely on to gauge your website’s overall security is the “https://” that comes before the rest of your URL, which is only achieved by attaining an SSL certificate. It is worth noting that the HTTPS protocol cannot be replicated or faked because it can only be attained through the authentication and encryption that’s achieved when an SSL 2048-bit key is installed on a web server. Once this fixture is installed on the website and employed, users visiting your website will see an “https://” before your website’s link and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Users who access your highly-secure website cannot have their activity tracked or have their sensitive information stolen.

  • The authentication of increased security will make it easier for a user to build their trust while protecting them from attacks.

  • Anyone on your website can enjoy unhampered data integrity, which prevents any form of file corruption.

Is it worth getting an SSL certificate for your small business?

Absolutely! In a time like this, where your business is still in the initial phases of building consumer trust and climbing the ranks, you can’t be caught being complacent in protecting your website’s visitors. By taking the time to have an SSL certificate installed on your website’s server with the help of Phantom Eye Design’s experts, you can prove yourself as a trustworthy business in no time!


In today’s age, where digital technology is more widespread than ever, it’s no secret that having the necessary solutions to protect the visitors of any website is critical. This is especially true when it comes to small business pages. Through the help of a powerful SSL certificate, you won’t ever have to worry about falling behind on protecting your customers and building trust!

If you are looking for a website design agency in Athens, GA, then you have come to the right place. Our experts will help grow your business with a powerful and beautiful website that is made to convert visitors into clients. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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