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How Your Website Design Makes Clients Out of Visitors - What to Know

In today’s Internet-dominated marketing landscape, a well-designed website is one of the biggest tickets to success. Your website influences whether or not you will get repeat visits from first-time clickers. If you have an attractive, credible site with good structure, then that may be enough to close sales and gain loyal consumers.

This has been long recognized by large businesses, but small owners have only started to catch on. Your website is your marquee, the most visible aspect of your brand today. This is why designing your website should involve more than choosing a bunch of pretty fonts and colors. Though building a beautiful and functional website may set you back a bit, it will give you an amazing return on your investment. You and the web design company must discuss the following matters, to help you get your website up and running:

User experience

From the first time your customer clicks the link to your website, everything they encounter on your site must convince them of one thing: to make that purchase. Whether you are selling products or services, your website should act as a funnel convincing your visitor to take action. This means their experience on your site should be planned accordingly.

Think of your website’s layout. Are your main products or services front and center, or do people have to dig through several links to get to them? Do pages lead where they promise they would or is your website full of dead links?

Something else to consider is site speed. A well-functioning website loads quickly and is easily navigable, even by newcomers or people who don’t frequent the Internet. You want to associate friendliness and openness with your brand, not hostility and neglect.

Visual elements

Typography and color schemes matter in marketing. Your website’s visuals must be streamlined and free from clutter, but must also contribute to the brand identity. People are inundated with so many messages and images in a day. You must do what you can to provide space while capturing their attention long enough to remember your brand.

Your brand personality is what distinguishes you from other similar establishments. If your business has a personality, that will show in everything from your user experience to the words, pictures, and colors you use in your copy.

You should also take advantage of today’s technology, and the capacity of websites to be more interactive. Engagement can come in the form of animated headers or multimedia embeds. The more time people spend on your website, the higher you will rank on Google. Ask your web designer how you can infuse your website’s aesthetic with your brand.

Content and SEO

Images and video can only go so far. If your website is unable to provide value beyond entertainment, people will quickly lose interest. You will not be able to convert. To keep people coming back to your site, you have to provide value. This means helping people solve their problems, especially ones that relate directly to your brand and its story.

Content is the largest signal for algorithms, and it is the greatest contributor to how well a page ranks. If your content is ready long before your site launches, you can shape your visuals around it. The New York Times does this for some of their long-form articles. Design makes data more readable, and helps people quickly take in the point of a paragraph.


A website designer can help improve the way you communicate your brand. When looking for a web design agency, choose people whose portfolio matches your brand personality. Get designers who can suggest concrete ways of improving your traffic and search engine ranking, while making a more responsive, visually appealing website.

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